I have never denied that war crimes have been committed at various times in history, including during current hostilities....

Then what are you saying? That we do commit war crimes but maybe there is another way to classify them?
I have asserted that the "war crime" argument has been, and continues to be, ideologically based...

You have asserted but not demonstrated. All that has been done is to list those things that constitute war crimes, and the reason history was brought up is to demonstrate that these crimes have indeed occurred over time. They should not be ascribed to any single action or any specific government.

...but also that these are not the policy of the United States (at least since the Bush administration left office)

The policy, as defined by what is presented to the public, is never the same as what actually occurs (and not by accident) so I fail to see why this is even an issue.
If what you mean is that the U.S. government does not openly favor activities that would be considered criminal I suspect that is true of every criminal organization - the Mafiosi don't tout themselves as criminals but rather as family men.

As I have said before - actions such as those listed are war crimes and all that has been proven is the government's reluctance to acknowledge that that is indeed what they are.
Finding a way to justify them, whether with the benefit of hindsight, or in the light of current action, is to hide one's head in the sand. And if we, any of us, desire to change things, ignoring them is not the correct path.

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