A guy is walking through Chinatown when he sees the sign "Jon Jonsen's Chinese Restaurant." He thinks: must be a story there

He walks into the restaurant and says to the Chinese man behind the counter "Could I speak to Jon Jonsen?"

The Chinese man says, "I am Jon Jonsen."

"That isn't a very common Chinese name, is it?"

"No, I believe it is not."

"So how'd you get that name?"

"I am an immigrant. When I was immigrating, I was in line behind several Swedes. The lady at the desk asked the first one 'What is your name?' and he answered 'Jon Jonsen.' She filled out his paperwork, sent him on his way, and asked the next one his name. He answered 'Jon Jonsen." She filled out his paperwork, sent him on, and asked the next one 'What is your name?' He says, 'Jon Jonsen.' She fills out his paperwork, and then it's my turn. She asks 'What is your name?' and I answered 'Sam Ting.'"

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