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Well that's ostrich of the imagination. Can you imagine if you blundered into one of those prop blades or if the machine took a sudden veer into you? Ouch!

Reminds me of the time Queen Victoria was a young lady in her twenties, and ostrich feathers and costumes were all the rage. At a masked ball all of the queens ladies in waiting as well as the queen herself turned up in ostrich costumes. A young courtier who had just returned from Australia was a bit confused and complimented Vicky and her attendants on their wonderful emu costumes. She drew herself up to her full 4" 8" and looked down her nose at the unfortunate young man and said, "my dear sir, we are NOT emus."

Was the young man's name Ed?

"We are not emus, Ed". (O'stitch in time saves nine.)

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