I think there was another possibility which does incorporate "cover-up" or "standup".

I believe a case can be made which characterizes Pres Bush as a weak president, surrounded by much stronger folks, who were more adept at politics and the understanding of politics than Pres Bush.

One incident I recall is his recollection of a conversation which included Tenet. Bush demonstrates his ignorance of the subject matter and relies complete;y on Tenet's assessment. I suspect in the arena of foreign affairs this was routine.

The other component of this equation is his belief that he was in fact the "decider-in-chief".

Looking over one's shoulder through the fog of time and delusional beliefs, I find that many folks can not recollect events with any accuracy. This could just as easily be a case of the decider-in-chief believing he was in charge and simply recollecting his distorted memories of an event for which he probably did not have much information.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty