I received this in an email from a friend. I have no idea whether this is a true story or not, but I like it.

I saw the cell phone thing first hand. My wife and I were just seated in a booth, my wife with her back to a man in the booth behind her, and me facing my wife and thus the other man's date. The woman was on her phone talking intently to a friend as we sat down.

They were served their food just after we were seated, the woman still on the phone.

She continued talking on the phone as she ate.

Even just being able to see the back of the man, I could tell by his body language he was becoming very upset with the woman. She continued on the phone for the entire meal, talking loudly and annoying everyone seated within earshot.

The phone conversation ended when the server brought the check.

Now the good part. The man said to the waitress, "We'll have separate checks, please."

The woman's mouth dropped open and she said, "But I didn't bring any money! We're on a date and you're supposed to pay."

The man replied, "You're right, we WERE on a date. You have a phone. Call your friend to bring you some money. You talked to them all night and you ignored me. Ask them for a ride home, too."

At that, the man walked to the cashier, paid for his meal and left the woman sitting there dumbfounded. My wife and I, along with the other patrons annoyed by the woman on the phone, all wanted to jump up and cheer this man for doing the right thing.

Bad me. I would have stood and clapped!