I am sitting here watching Chris Hayes (MSNBC) doing a report on the California drought. And it occurred to me that there was a drought back in the 30's ... the Dust Bowl. At that time, various relatives of my ancestors fled to California ... like in the Grapes of Wrath. So many people from Oklahoma fled, that some people in California still say, "I can't go out looking like an Okie." (I've heard them.)

So, if the California drought continues, might there be an eastward migration of California farmers? Might they flee their farms, flee their homes, as jobs dry up, and head to Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, etc. to make a new start?

I learned to be a water miser when I lived in California thirty some years ago. Californians were already aware, concerned, and proactive. Yay, Californians, I love you.

And I hate to think of such a devastating thing happening to California. But, I (definitely selfishly) would love to have Californians inundate the middle states. I would love to have lots of Californians living in my neighborhood, voting in local elections, "going to the Walmart's" not looking like Okies.

The midwest could get a lot bluer.

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