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And I hate to think of such a devastating thing happening to California. But, I (definitely selfishly) would love to have Californians inundate the middle states. I would love to have lots of Californians living in my neighborhood, voting in local elections, "going to the Walmart's" not looking like Okies.

The midwest could get a lot bluer.

It wasn't a drought that made me do the Reverse Dust Bowl Migration back in 1998. It was the after effects of the 1994 Northridge Quake and the crooked dealings of the California Insurance Commissioner, who was a Republican, by the way.

I was completely wiped out and thanks to Chuck Quackenbush's sweetheart deal with big insurance, Allstate was able to sneak out on covering most people like me thanks to a loophole, so I got two cents on the dollar on a 350 thousand dollar loss.

I've done the migration to the red states and although I miss all the wonderful people I made friends with down there in Texas and Oklahoma, I will never ever live there again.

I fled BACK to California, and I know what to expect.
I expect that the meteorologist's predictions for an El Nino will come true in October, because they have been right before.

And this El Nino they claim is coming in October will break the drought. Yes, there will widespread flooding. California will get five years worth of water in six week's time. It's feast or famine but believe it or not, despite the fact that the droughts are worse now thanks to climate change, this IS the normal baseline for the region. It's just exaggerated now, that's all and the damage is worse.

Not only that but I am confident that California will leverage technology to mitigate the water shortage. Desalination is becoming a lot like solar power. Not only are we now scaling up large scale desal plants along the coast in earnest, there are also low tech small scale solutions to desalinate seawater and brackish water for individual use which have been around for centuries.

The only thing that has ever held back our special brand of West Coast ingenuity is conservative greed and selfishness, and the fearmongering they seem to be addicted to.

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