A friend of mine elsewhere on social media made me think tonight.

I mentioned the big ass El Nino due to roar up the coast this fall and how there's a 90% chance it's coming for sure.

Jeffery Haas
The right wing blogosphere seems to take particular joy in California's water crisis. The holy rollers think God is punishing lefties and liberals and the conservatives think that California's loss will be their gain.
They don't understand California's feast or famine weather cycles any more than Californians seem to understand Florida's cavalier approach to devastating hurricanes.
The forecasters acknowledge that there's no guarantee on an El Nino hitting California this fall, but the odds are now at 90 percent.
And it is predicted to be the strongest one in fifty years, which means it will break the drought.

I alluded to the fact that it's going to be enough to break the drought, and he replied:

Milton Brewster
This is a lot of water. I wonder what our plans are, to capture that water? It's still warm, so the Sierras might not form the winter snowpack we usually depend upon. Drought has silted other reservoirs more than we think. The Sacramento Delta has not been well maintained for twenty years, so it won't hold the water we expect. I suspect that a lot of that water will just run off back into the Pacific ocean.

That pulled me right out of my reverie. tonbricks

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