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We've got until October to figure something out.

Well, that's not going to happen! It takes years to build dams, etc. and El Ninio events are barely worth building dams that are going to stand empty about 9 years out of 10.

We need to build the desalination plants. They are WAY WAY cheaper than building dams and aqueducts. They are tiny: You can't even see the Carlsbad plant and we drive by it on I5 every day.

I have been for desalinization plants for years, but I see that our state government isn't on board with that, or even municipal/county governments. They don't seem to want to spend the money. Of course now, they are finding out what that kind of short-sightedness is bring them. Penny-wise and pound-foolish. Even though the desal plants are more quickly built and cheaper, It still won't capture the extra water brought from the ElNino.

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