Empire Strikes PAC And Other Punny SuperPAC Names

I liked "Six-PAC" and "Bears for a Bearable Tomorrow."

Apparently these aren't taken:
"BackPAC" for either campers or folks who want to take their country back from the black guy, I mean, President.
"Baby Got PAC" for trust fund folks or old hip-hoppers
"A Bushel and a PAC" for farmers

I thought about "PAChyderm" and "PACmule" for the two parties, but the PAC was on the wrong end. There may be a rule about that. Too bad. Because that would also rule out "PAC It In" for your basic losers. As well as "PAC O'Lies" for Irish teabaggers.

My son suggested "PAC in Fudge," whatever that means. devil

Just a Missouri school teacher ... stubborn as a mule and addicted to logic.