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There is little question that this was an overreaction. But, the teacher was not to blame. He/she did the right thing, and contacted the administrator. As I understood it, the student was not just using her phone, but was talking on it, disrupting the class. She should have been disciplined.

OMG!!! Talking on the phone! They should have convened the firing squad.
It wasn't just an overreaction. It's a system that does not work. Why couldn't the teacher deescalate the situation without tossing the girl across the room? Why do they need cops for something as banal as that? Why are the overwhelming majority of these cops white, no matter what the ethnic composition of the school? Why have similar abuses been recorded across the country and they always seem to follow the same pattern (racially and socially)?
I'm sorry there is no amount of logic that justifies having a cop deal with a student who doesn't obey the teacher, unless there is something criminal in the student's behavior.

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