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Okay, let me clarify the situation somewhat. The teacher did not call the cop. THAT is why I say the teacher did the right thing. The teacher tried to get the disruptive student to put the phone away, and the girl went on being an ass. Teacher asked her to leave the room, girl refused. Teacher contacted administrator, (assistant vice principal I think) asked her to come into the hallway, girl refused. Administrator contacted the officer.

Also, officer did not have a "reputation" for violence. The two complaints were from his rookie year 8 years earlier, and not substantiated, according to some sources (the Department has not confirmed).

I agree that having cops in schools can, and does, change the dynamics of the schools, and leads to escalations in enforcement. This is something that should have been handled "after class" (depending on how disruptive she was being). Her refusal to stop being an ass is what led to the confrontation. But, she could have been removed after school.

Does it really matter who called the cop? The point is it still should have been handled differently and without the intervention of law enforcement.
The students called him officer "slam" - gee I wonder why?
As far as her being an ass, to my knowledge that is not a criminal offense. If it were half the country would be in jail.


School law enforcement should only handle violent situations. Student-teacher violence, student student violence strangers coming onto campus, disaster emergencies, illegal activity and similar situations. Student discipline(and yes, students sometimes need discipline-I was also a teacher) should be handled only by teachers administrators and parents. There still needs to be better training and rulkes in place for handling situations like this.

Law enforcement should only be involved if there is criminal activity.
Discipline is best left to the parents.
I am fed up with this paramilitary horseshyte so ubiquitous in this country. The stuff of impotent phoney brave.

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