You are completely wrong, Ezekiel, about what my predilections are. My interest has always been getting to "ground truth", not pursuing an agenda. Any fair reading of the Daily Kos piece cannot lead to the conclusion that the author was seeking accuracy. It appeared, and this is contextual, that the author was being directed by the student's lawyer in preparing the piece. I invite you to read it again. (The only witness interviewed was the other student arrested for interference, who is also the only source for the "officer slam" depiction - doesn't that raises red flags? What about the hundreds of students that protested the officer's firing? Might that indicate a diversity of views?)

I have never excused the officer's behavior but have tried to put it in a fair context. I've seen these events develop in real time, and it is more like dealing with a football play on the field than with the luxury of instant replay, with multiple angles and ultra-slow motion. There are many things I see there that are at odds with journalist's depictions of the situation, which make me pause. We all have our lenses, but we should allow ourselves to step back and analyze dispassionately rather than assuming. You, my friend, have made many assumptions - including about me. I invite you to challenge them.

A well reasoned argument is like a diamond: impervious to corruption and crystal clear - and infinitely rarer.

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