I just read an article about all the political PACs that have sprung up claiming to support one candidate or another. There are no legal requirements that they actually spend the money the way they imply. Several of them spend 2% on supporting the candidate and the other 98% on fund raising, salaries, and "consultants".

Some famous people have made large contributions to these PACs, which have now folded! The FEC has a very hands-off attitude toward them with very few fraud prosecutions. The main legal requirement is that they can't use the actual candidate's name in their organization's name, but most of the candidates do have a slogan that can be used.

Seems like a great way to skirt the law and setup up a cash generating machine! Websites are VERY cheap, and credit card processing has also become much more available not to mention PayPal. I could setup one of these tomorrow afternoon.

And yes, I put this in the humor thread because I find it hilarious!