clarified by comas

This may need some judicious commas for clarity and to prevent an exercise in high-stakes grammar pedantry.

Wares' that Spag to help us figure out whats' what in their there?

It was fun until the children went to college carrying Trump lunch boxes with tracking devices very muddy shoes from burying secret information that nobody looked for until T-rumps Russian hairpiece... began sending messages by dead drop decipherable only by Russia sympathizing halfwits on house intelligence , or lack thereof, stipulated by Constructionist Courtesy of presidential outhouse vent located in EPA crater next to satan holding his Furmata by its ears he waxed cadenzically his Rolls Royce spreading Mothers Carnauba like cheap lies in flagrante delicto are worshipped by peregrinating papal potentates

alliterating all over
Hertford, Hereford, Hampshire
and harassing Hoosiers.
Maim morassing moosers
jacobin jabberwockish jargonauts
jail the jungle
jaguar into the
alliteration box, though
I cheat a bit.
My skirt's unclean.
played pinochle persistently

quixotic quahog quagmire
To Hell with Alliterations
Spicy Russian dressing
is just the
purfect Lutefisk topping
if you're Russian
and stark rrrrrraving
mittens you naughty
Yer all assholes
subtly changing tone
, searching for conclusions,
in alternate dimensional
galaxies of alternatives
and a plethora
of abgnormally gnarly
gnostic gnoshing gnomes
gnu gnocchi gneiss
I call gnuncle!
Uncle Grandpa's tiger
smell the rainbow!
Penetrating Stay Puff
In such tender
cuts of meat
needed fluffer nutter
to complete sentence. sandwich
gimme Hershey S'more
so I can
saturate Tetrahydro-beta-carbolines (THbetaCs) receptors
and bliss out
like George Winston
like George Winston
Striding big easy
Saturate what? Man!
What you ate?
"Striding big easy"
in tall galoshes
Saturate what? Man!
blown' some jazz
Satchmo's Mini Smootcher
cool, so cool
swingers eschewing bebop
riding in jalops
Howling with Ginsberg
smoking a hookah

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blotting Owsley Paisleys

Ain’ta man alive
"Yer all assholes"
well . . . he was!
Until enlightenment darkened
Charmin cleaned up
Whipple's squeezed loaf
in aisle four
where fairies dwell
”Yer all assholes"
Yer darn tootin!
Rootin' tootin' cowboy
after eating beans
Don Rickles died
Makes me sad
makes me frown
makes me insult
”Yer all assholes"
Yer darn tootin!
Meanwhile: after eating beans
The crowd dispersed
Trending upwind where
the cows were
masticating each udder
Juan teat atta
time to ungulate
Donald Trumps implants. ----(period)
Head in :----(colon)
clouds dreaming days
both sides now
of his mouth
sounding flatal attractions
was smart feller
who never made
Trumps melena blacken
from intestinal frackin'
by tiny orange
Trump Tower minions
winged monkeys erupting
from Trump's festering
worm filled brain
neurocysticercosis improved cognition
in interstellar overdrive
dilithium crystals failed
She's gonna blow!
Kardashian's again Scotty?
way down below
all she's got
Cranked to eleven
onyer radio dial
"BORN TO BE...."
wildebeest, what's gnu
besides the obvious

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit