I had been meaning to address this over the last week of Trump crowing about economic numbers. Virtually everything he has taken credit for are what are known in economics as "trailing indicators". In other words, the trends her takes credit for have largely nothing to do with Trump policies. This time last year, the New York Times published the story,The Markets Are Up, Unemployment Is Down.
How Much Credit Should Trump Get?
(NYT, subscription). Then, as now, the answer remains, "largely, none." The full story on Trump's 'economic turnaround' - CNN. The upshot? Like most every pronouncement of Trump, it is mostly misdirection and downright prevarication. Fact Check: More lies, false claims by Trump - Capitol Hill Blue.

It's basically still Obama's economy he's taking credit for. As you've noted, when Trump's economy kicks in, we're headed for a fall. A big one.

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Here, as elsewhere, people are outraged at what feels like a rigged game -- an economy that won't respond, a democracy that won't listen, and a financial sector that holds all the cards. - Robert Reich