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Generators only work as long as you have gas for them. If the refinery doesn't have electricity, gasoline supplies run out quickly. Most of the inadequately supplied run out of gas for the generator, then go hunting for more but gas stations are out. You could take a cold shower, but without electricity the pumps that send water up the towers don't work.

I think I would use my gasoline to leave the state for Colorado.

Last year for Harvey, Costco purchased a 60-car train load of gas from North Carolina and railed it to the Houston area market. Even non-Members could purchase gas without a Membership for this short period.

It was the first time that Costco had ever done anything like this. It was a win-win for Houston and Costco. Memberships increased 1500%.

Costco also sold the Kirkland-brand cases of water bottles for the normal $3.99 (...but you needed to have a Membership to get inside). Wal*Mart sold theirs for $61.00/cs.

The only Warehouse that did not offer gas was Humble, TX because it was under water, literally.

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