Unfortunately, and further based on initial Republican responses, we have just seen Mr Trump shoot and wound someone in Times Square, and all any Republican would say is, he didn't kill the person.

Folks, do not delude yourself into thinking impeachment charges are being filed in the House as I type.

The prevailing argument has been Republicans will stand by their man until he costs Republicans the House. I now reject that argument as based on fallacious premises. More important than simply losing House seats is confronting Trump's base, which is if no one has noticed, the Republican base. The base operates out of ignorance and in the dark holes of bigotry. Think about this .... if Republicans bolt now, they will face the anger and certain blowback of the base.

Republicans have denied who their base is for too many years and now it has been exposed for what it really is.

I believe it is highly doubtful Republican "leadership" will do anything to protect SP Mueller. I predict Mr Trump will "fire" SP Mueller rather than face the increasing reality of getting the facts and truth in the light of day. And when he does, I predict Republicans will do nothing.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty