Trump's royal "we". He makes no distinction between what he pays, what the Trump organization pays, and what his campaign pays. He would be a terrible CEO of a public company. Not only would he be fired quickly, he would also be in big trouble with the FTC and SEC. (Much like Duncan Hunter's accounting ideas!)

As president, he keeps on blundering into stuff because he has no idea what the rules are and no interest in finding out. Strong-man dictator is easier. Being a functional US President is way, way beyond his level of incompetence.

Given an interview I watched today, he seems to think it's okay that whoever paid the hush money as long as the campaign didn't. He has no clue and can't seem to understand that the crime is GIVING an illegal contribution to the campaign, not taking it from the campaign. As a matter of fact, the campaign paying hush money would probably be legal, but it would have to report it rather defeating the purpose.