Trump has a defect that renders him unfit for the Presidency. I'm not talking about crimes, scandalous behavior, or impeachable offenses. I'm talking about lying.

The boy who cried "Wolf" a thousand times is not believed about anything by anybody. Even his supporters say he lies, but so what, and they still support him. But I'll tell you "so what": When something serious comes up, and the President has to talk to the American people about it, no one is going to believe him.

This may be Putin's dream, but I think it could be a nightmare. We still have all those nuclear weapons, still have the most powerful armed forces in the world, still control most of the world's economy, etc. Is it really in Russia's best interests to have an unstable, vindictive, child running the US? Who knows what could happen, and most of the bad stuff that could happen would be disastrous for Russia.