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That is literally tons of spoiled garbage they have to remove, and quickly before it wicks water up into the rest of the merchandise. The fork lift guys are going to be VERY busy. The worst thing is that all the stuff on a pallet above the bottom is fine, but they have to separate the pallets by hand.

I wonder if they could just have a flood sale and have the public remove all the good stuff at 50% off. Might be cheaper than using employee labor.

Costco is self-insured and will write-off the extra labor and other costs to getting the warehouses back in order. For example, five Special Kiosks that hang out on the fence near the exits (Flooring, HVAC, Generator, Counter, Garage Doors) at $1500 a piece, need to be ordered and in-place by next Wednesday.

Haven't heard about the Hawaii warehouses. I'm sure I will on Monday.

it's all factored in as costs of doing business. Hmm

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