Trump is in for it. I think that's becoming a fact. There have been several books, etc. recounting how much of a disaster he is. Now we have somebody, claiming to be from the White House staff (and I believe it as its from the NYT who wouldn't claim the writer was "high up in the administration" unless it was true) writing a piece for the NYT that, basically claims, that Trump is simply neither fit (mentally or psychologically), nor competent and is also woefully ignorant, and dangerous to the nation. All this does is simply back up all the rest of the same kinds of claims.

I have thought, for a very long time, that the Republicans would wake up and do something rather than sitting on their hands whilst they get their wet dreams realized. Instead, so far, they decided to kiss the Jackass nether region, hope for the best, and take care of #1.

However, that all being said, we are going to have an election in 2 months. If the Dems actually are able to pull of a real win that will also mean that Jackass is not the miracle worker and his belief of victory is a myth, as well as his base being a danger. When that happens those same craven politicians are going to race to see who is first in denouncing Jackass and he will be done.

They are also saying that article 25, of the constitution, is a way to remove Jackass. Now they are also saying that the Vice President, and congress, can also do that. They will need a 2/3 of congress vote to pull it off but the Dems will flood aboard and the remaining Republicans won't be too far behind once they discover that the bully can't hurt them (they will keep their jobs).

Basically, they (the talking heads of tv) are starting to a join in with a belief that we are kinda entering into a kindofa end of days for Jackass (they, of course, qualify it all with if, maybe, possibly, perhaps, etc) We will know if its really time when they start with 'is' and 'will'.

The the Jackass will be gone and all we will have to deal with is, quite possibly the greatest moralist of the political realm - Vice President Mike Pence. I seriously believe he will turn on Jackass in a New York minute and claim its the Lord's will.


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