Manafort's plea deal:

*Paul Manafort has to give the government whatever documents they ask for, and also do whatever Robert Mueller says, because Robert Mueller is Manafort's new Boss.

*Paul Manafort has testify wherever the Government tells him to, about whomever they tell him to. That includes the grand jury - with NO COUNSEL PRESENT

*Paul Manafort BETTER NOT LIE.

* Paul Manafort better understand that he's not getting sentenced until the government says he's done cooperating.

* Paul Manafort gave-up his right to plead the 5th Amendment


The best part? All of the assets that Muller seized owned-by Paul Manafort are worth more than what the Mueller investigation has cost so far. Essentially, this investigation has now cost the taxpayer $0, with money left-over. smile


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