One of the galling references I keep hearing from people is how the left wing of the american political duopoly should be responding to this and that in todays super heated news coverage.
I'm calling bull to the notion that there is any traditional left wing in American politics today with the exception of Sanders.
The two major political parties have shape shifted over the years and have swapped loyalties but as far as I can tell there are only center right and extreme right wing parties now for a variety of reasons. Many politicians talk in the language of leftists but rarely has any meaningful action been taken on behalf of the left's historic goal of equality, fraternity and solidarity.
I believe the acceleration of the dismantlement of the new deal began with Clinton's administration and we are now within a stones throw of the ultimate goal of the right. The privatization of S.S. and Medicare.
But perhaps I'm all wrong about it or perhaps others have a different idea of what left wing politics are.
I would suggest Thomas Frank's analysis (among a great many others) to be a fairly accurate description of the democratic parties rightward drift here:
Rightward Ho!

I'm tired of the professional class hectoring voters to elect meaningless candidates that benefit mostly themselves and their class but little else. Give folks true left populists and it's my belief that elections would be very different.

But until then, at the very least, can we stop calling the democratic party left?