I think there is a bit of confusion in that "The Left" and "The Right" are not political parties. They do, however, reflect who believes that regulation can be good and who believes regulations are never good. They also reflect groups that are socially responsible and those that are not.

That being said the Republicans, right now, are starting up on 'dealing' with entitlements due to their vast national debt and 3/4 trillion dollar deficit (which Obama had gotten under control). This tends to make me think that, quite possibly, the republican party is not exactly socially responsible.

One of the problems, with both parties, is that they tend to go too far. This is why each side must talk and find common ground which also tends to deny anybody going too far. I believe this is the nut that must be cracked to get back on track and is the basis of our system.

The Dems, right now, are running on Healthcare and rights (women's, children's, voter, etc). Seems to me that, right now, they seem like a bunch of real lefties.

I think the main problem is that the Dems are being led, in large part, by people more than 70 years old. Last your the VA gave me a day long memory test. I went back to get the results a couple of days later. I was asked how I thought I did and I told him "poorly". He said that, actually, I was better than most others in my age group (80's) If this is true then having a political party being led by a bunch of elderly is, quite possibly, the worst idea around. I am basing this on my own memory problems as well as other, connected ones. The current Dem leaders are the same ones that moved slightly right of center in their need to win and they were wrong. They continue to be wrong but the party, as a whole, seems to be moving left of center with a will. My hope is that the current elderly management of the Dems step down and make room for some a bit younger. If they do that they will still have a voice, if they don't I expect them to get throwed out without any input whatsoever.

Just a thought...................