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Oh, Chunky, you're running yourself ragged trying to decide where the middle is and for some reason you think it's a bad place to be.

The nation has divided itself into two factions.
For the sake of convenience let's call these two factions Right and Left.
Red Team and Blue Team, Conservatives and Liberals....Republicans and Democrats.

You seem pretty sure that there is a third team. There isn't.

Only two.

Yin and Yang.

I've never said there was a third team Gregor. In fact, I've started this thread to argue the idea that there is only one party with two factions.
It might have been clumsy but my argument was based on defining the traditional ideals of the left, tracing it's lineage to the French Revolution, and contrasting that with today's Democratic Party that is often associated with 'the left'.
That's a false perception.
The Democratic Party of today is more of a center right party that your Eisenhower republican would be comfortable in than any FDR democrat.
To call it 'left' is a sham narrative meant to illicit votes from an ever shrinking pool of voters.
The center is firmly in the right political spectrum. You may be comfortable with that but I'm not. Many reasons why I'm not. One of them being the imposed austerity and deindustrialization that began under Clinton and has led to our current POTUS.
I understand if your happy with the current Democratic Party alignment. I'm merely asking to stop calling it representative of left wing ideology or policy.
Or argue that it is, if you can. Metaphors don't count.