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I was listening to NPR last night on the way home from a screening of Mr. Smith goes to Washington, and there was a discussion of the "hidden tribes" report that just came out from More in Common. The research indicated that policies are being driven by small minorities on the left and right - really small (8% on the left, 6% on the right) - that have outsize influence and do not represent the vast "exhausted majority" of the frustrated middle. Eye opening reading.


Pardon my skepticism, NWP, but I'm exhausted reading studies from smart people to help explain to other smart people what time it is.....

I roamed around their web site and found the group to be a basket of professionals with pedigreed resumes.

My biggest complaint is how this does nothing more than prop up a status quo ideology that is crumbling and wants to explain it away by tribal identity. Lots of "we've identified" and "We've determines".

It reminds me of the well heeled micro targeting echo chamber Hillary campaign of 2016....

For a different take:
Phoney tribe theory

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