Good article Logs.
I had been doing some reading lately on the fracking bubble as I'm anxious of where the next commodity bubble will occur.
All in all, the brief reprieve from the notion of a global economic collapse due to its reliance on fossil fuel production having peaked is a hard idea to swallow. The authors recognizing their disappointment of the lack of sales with their two books describing this overshoot of civilization doesn't surprise.
Chris Hedges has been lecturing audiences for awhile now on the pathology of civilization collapsing and has covered quite a few first hand as a journalist. One of the things he noted was how governments are no longer responsive to its people in fundamental ways, its ruling elites retreat into their forbidden cities and hit the mat on the accelerator. The name I'm hearing for the current global crises is being called NeoLiberal Fascism.
The idea that we would willingly give over our political governance and social organizing to capitalism was lunacy but here we are. It looks as though democracy has had it and when the next financial crises hits, my guess is authoritarian corporate dictatorship.
Cold comfort to note that it wasn't the left that brought this crises on the world. That force, which was a traditional bulwark against state oppression and fought savage fights for democratic political space, was eradicated decades ago.
Neoliberalism on the other hand has been exported nearly everywhere. Masquerading as some kinda tide that was going to lift all boats and bring in a new day.