From the SBIR grant proposal I just submitted last week:

Research conducted by Dr. David C. Johnson has shown that soil health can be restored using a Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management system (BEAM). Based on field studies over the last eight years, we have preliminary observations to assess a biologically enhanced agricultural management approach. The results of a one-time inoculation of soils with 5 kg hectare-1 microbial inoculate without application of N or other elemental amendments are encouraging. These trials indicate: 1) near fivefold increase in net primary productivity (NPP) from 250 g dry biomass m-​ 2​ yr-​ 1​ in both a heavy clay soil as well in a desert sandy soil to 1,181 g dry biomass m-​ 2​, 2) doubling in crop production on both cotton (2,282 lbs lint ac-​ 1​) and green chiles (20 tons acre-​ 1​), and 3) increased soil carbon uptake rates (10.7 tons C ha-​ 1​ yr-​ 1​) or 0.26% C yr-​ 1​ increase. These values represent a double of the historical average production for these crops in the Mesilla Valley, NM, and represents a doubling in crop water use efficiency along with a complete reduction in fertilizer amendments to achieve this productivity.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.
R. Buckminster Fuller