I had to think awhile before responding to your statement Gregor.
On the surface it sounds simple enough.
It very clearly reflects the attitude of the establishment right wing Democratic Party. Narrowing the scope and range of possibilities for politics to provide real change to the sharing of resources and reducing the suffering of ordinary Americans all the while enriching its donor class. It reminds me of Thatcher's 'there is no alternative' speech for pushing neoliberal doctrination on her citizens. A foreclosure of possibility.
I don't know where the idea comes from but it is shared by a good deal of people. In an odd way it seems to be a congenital blind spot for neoliberalism. It was beaten by it's very opposite political challenge from the ultra right. They have embarked on the decades long political project of pushing neoliberalism forward to its next step: Facism.
That tantilizing idea has been finally realized with the unforeseen insurgent Trump. He managed to capture the darker imagination of what's possible by using a mixture of stolen left ideas, xenophobia and racism.
His polar opposite, Corbyn, ignited the imagination of what's possible and won a tremendous victory.
On either side of this presupposed, narrowed range of imagination are victories of the exact opposite of what your sentiment supposes. A perpetual running game when it's apparent that the field is wide open for a pass.
I understand the right wing grift of Neoliberals that are in the game. It's where the money is and it's thier job to con the left into voting for them.
It's the voters who keep insisting on the running game as the only one that we can and should expect that has baffled me.
Your wrong about a left wing not getting seated. It will be small but it's a start. May be to late but after massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue, [censored] the running game. Start throwing some long bombs down the field.
The right is very much getting what it wants. Neoliberalism is a con.

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