A good example of the co-option of the left by the right wingers going on in California. It's the same con that's worked from Clinton to Obama.
Find some one with some progressive street cred from once upon a time in their early life, show them the money and possibility of generational wealth, once loyalty is confirmed, send them out and run them against a true progressive left candidate.
Everyone's complaining about the fraud and grift of trump. Crickets to the charade being repeated in the right wing Democratic Party.
I'll go on the record that the high salaried young tech YIMBY workers that the right wing candidate in this race is courting will go libertarian, once they've made their nut, and flatter themselves with a phony self determination success story and finally go full blown Nazi in later mid-life. All their horrible ideas and self regard will be represented by a democrat who's task it will be to deliver the bacon to them and theirs while managing lowered expectations for the rest.
I realize though that we may not have a chance to realize that outcome.

Progressive vs right wing conservative

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