Fascinating stuff Logtroll.
I remember a job I was doing that gave me a lot of radio time getting to the site last year. It was NPR and had a very interesting interview with some researchers out in the Midwest.
The gist of it was there seems to be a third revolution going on and soil regeneration as well as a holistic approach to cover cropping, mixed planting etc.. is being intensively studied and put into use. One university researcher mentioned how a farmer that had converted to these practices felt for the first time, in his experience, he didn't feel that he had to go to war with nature. His relationship to his vocation and land had changed 180 degrees.
The researcher also mentioned farmers who made the switch had somewhere around zero reversion to industrial commoditification farming practices.
Can't find that hour long interview of these researchers discussion but I found a similar one covering the same ground with one of the three here: Regenerative soil discussion
I hope you make great headway out there with this work. Thanks for the link to the videos. I'll look forward to watching them.
There's some interesting ideas in construction with a lot of it reducing co2 in building materials. One that's caught my imagination is wooden skyscrapers. The idea is to build skyscrapers with lami beams replacing steel girders and timber panels instead of the typical glass and concrete cladding. There's a few that have gone up in the US with more ambitious structures in the planning stage. Same for Canada, Japan and Europe.
The idea has the benefits of reduced energy inputs manufacturing the building materials, better insulating properties and carbon is store for as long as the building lasts. I hope to visit a building of this type some day. I recall an architect remarking on how people would touch the interiors and actually hug the exposed posts. That never happened in his previous structures.
All of this is mute, IMO, as it wild need a radical reorganization of resources and capitol. That would require a functioning government on the scale of FDR's New Deal. I see no possibility of that with our current political landscape. The sons and daughters of the new deal generation have turned their backs on it and hold much of the political power with almost no imagination. As a famous political philosopher has recently said about the situation of progressive politics in the US, we have to now fight for the possibility of possibility. The very concept of possibility and imagination is nearly nonexistent.

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