Wether the freshman left sniffs the air and wanders off to where the money is remains to be seen. I'm sure some will. The rest of the Democratic Party has done that so, yeah, it's probable a few will.
The point was, since Bill Clinton, the right wing of the Democratic Party has gone for the money. In return they have used the language of the left but have carried out policies and objectives of the right. That's not hyperbole, simply historical record.
Supporting the very institution that has brought about the conditions of facism is some kind of something. I'm not sure what. Especially when there's an alternative.
My guess is it will have to get much worse and far more dangerous before a real left populist movement can get a shot. Were going to relearn some very hard stuff with nukes and looming environmental catastrophe thrown in for fun.

I guess until then, there is not alternative.

I've beat this to death and will shut up now.

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