Final thought on the economy. Reading about economies and capitalism from a contemporary political philosopher. He was remarking on the stunning success of capitalism having spread out from 19th century France, Germany and England until today, where it blankets the entire earth.
It was sold as a force of change that would free people from the fuedal institutions of the past and give rise to a more democratic egalitarian society. Even Karl Marx thought so and was an admirer.
Today, however, capitalism views democracy as an obstacle to the commodification of society. The dismantlement of democratic institutions are well underway and most of the large economies are transitioning to a more authoritarian form of governance who's main purpose is to facilitate capitalism.
As the commodification accelerates democracies are being destroyed. That it was the logical progression of capitalism.
I would agree that it appears to be the road we are on. An emergent far right facism thruout Europe, the election of Bolsanaro in Brazil, our own emergent facism and China settling back into lifetime autocratic leadership.
Others might have a different opinion and view it as coincidence.

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