And as usual, organized religion is more than happy to act as a lubricant to spread authoritarianism far and wide.
There's a bonus for them, theocracy. One might be tempted to wonder if theocracy and fascism are strange bedfellows.
Make no mistake, they were made for each other and history shows that they've been in bed many times before, with the same bastard children being spawned from such an unholy union.
The elites won't bother the fundamentalists because they're comfortably insulated, and the fundies are happy to grant a free pass to the elites as long as they bankroll the military as enforcers. The churchies get what they want and the elites get what they want.

And we here on the ground, far from the golden palaces, get the shaft.
Yes, it would seem that this was the logical progression of capitalism all along, at the expense of all else.

But it didn't have to be.

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