My guess is it will have to get much worse and far more dangerous before a real left populist movement can get a shot.

YES! The scales have finally fallen from your eyes! It took The Great Depression to create the circumstances that made FDR's New Deal possible. Until this Trumpian Dystopia unravels all we can hope for is to nudge the Democratic Party to the left.

I don't say this because I'm a Centrist or that I support centrist views. I say it because it's a goddam fact whether you and I like it or not. New job and wage reports are out...More new jobs than predicted, wages have gone up. Trumpism appears to be working.

Like everything else Trumpian it's a lie and it's temporary. But it's not an environment conducive to important leftward change. We continue to give the Republicans all the rope they need to hang themselves(they will) and we continue to nudge the Democrats leftward in tiny increments.

The proles might have the numbers but the bourgeoisie have the power. We can send in spies and agents to work from within but we simply don't have the power or the public motivation to wrest the wheel from the madmen steering us towards disaster. And yes, the madmen are wearing both red and blue caps...but the guys in blue are at least sympathetic to the cause.

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