If we don't vote for progressives now then when?
If you can't tell progressive politics from neoliberal oligarchy then your a sucker thats been and will be played. Much like Obama played us. Clinton played us. His wife, had she been elected, would have played us.
The Neoliberals aren't pragmatists. They're doing there jobs and delivering the goods to their donors. Pragmatism might help you while you pick the dog turds off the lawn of the Palmolive fortune heir but it's not putting food on the table of average working people, PIA. It doesn't get you invited to some billionaires private island much less pay the debt collection firm that's calling nonstop.
The Great Pretender is just our current POTUS with better table manners. Have you heard about his Chicago property developement? I hear the buildings going to have top noch designers with exquisite taste and attention to detail. What a novel idea of getting around building codes and coopting public space. It appears he's now borrowing a page from Trumps book.
Obama's 'Neoliberal Heights' development

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