If we don't vote for progressives now then when?

We always vote for progressives!

Any Democrat or Independent should always vote as far left as their ballot allows. Depending on your location and your ballot, that might be not be very far left, but you should vote anyway.

There are a lot of Democrats on that ballot who would love to have gone farther left than they have campaigned. Support them, they're on your side and it's an uphill battle to win as a progressive. In this post-truth era it's difficult to run just on the truth when your opponent is willing to lie, cheat, and extort his way into office.

What about third parties? If it's important to you, then by all means vote for them. And while you're in that booth, vote as far left as you can on all the downticket races too. And vote as far left as you can on all the issues, amendments, and initiatives.

We move the government left by getting out and voting left. There are more of us than them but their votes count more. I dunno about you, but I'd like this to mostly be a bloodless revolution....carried out in the poll booths rather than the streets.

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