Obama ran on hope and change with his experience as a community organizer for street cred. His theme of inequality being the defining challenge of our time was a center peice. There was some urgency of the now and other flourishy but vague language. I don't remember him running on his constitutional scholar bona fides. I'm not saying it wasn't mentioned but I don't think that's what the majority that voted for him were greatly concerned about.
No change, no change. I hear bankers are fond of him still.

I agree and if there are any candidates that are being supported by the major party plus a green or working family's party, please consider voting thru progressive third party as it helps them and forces the right wing management of the Democrats (if that's your preference) to take note.

Finally, perhaps theirs some cracks forming in this cemented over neoliberal monopoly in the Democratic Party. Politico has a peice out and it has two astonishing features:
1. A historical perspective of the Democratic Party when it was worth a damn.
2. It references FDR and Truman without planes dropping horribly from the sky.

The leftward lurch

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