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I agree and if there are any candidates that are being supported by the major party plus a green or working family's party, please consider voting thru progressive third party as it helps them and forces the right wing management of the Democrats (if that's your preference) to take note.

I am sorry Chunk, but we saw the results of voting "purity pony" style in 2016, and the stakes are even higher now.
If you're drowning, you don't wait for a boat you like, you grab a life-ring and hang on until that better boat arrives.

We're not in a position to force the White Star Line to make the Titanic better, we're in the freezing water with minutes to live and the Titanic is going down.

Later, when we get back to shore, we can lay into the White Star Line and get justice. For now however, I am here to say that the old trope about how "voting for the lesser of two evils still brings evil" is incorrect.

Voting for the lesser of two evils brings - - LESS EVIL, and it weakens evil. Refusing to do so allows evil to gain an even bigger foothold. It is simple and pure mathematics.

We voted as far Left as we could, pushing out whatever corporate Dems we saw, but we did not and will not vote write-ins or third parties until there are enough of them to create a majority,

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