FFS! What are you proposing to put pressure on the Dems Gregor? Voting for the right wing cuz it's the lessor of two evils?
The corporate wing is not going to reform itself without pressure from it's left flank. That pressure was applied, like your Tea Party comparison, from grass roots organizing on the left thanks, to a large extent, from the Sanders campaign. That's put a lot of candidates onto the ballots that didn't come from the right wing of the party. Hell, they're running candidates in areas where the corporate wing wrote off for years.
Rising third party poll numbers gives the corporate dems something to worry about. They have to take their issues seriously or risk losing their left flank during a republican challenge or (horror of horrors) they have their candidate primaried.
Y'all say you want change. Please explain how voting for the straight party line gives you that. How that brings pressure to bear on the 'ladders of opportunity' set. How does that bring the heat?

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