That was cruel Unjest!

Thanks NWP, I do know little of Marx but have been working to change that. Reading Capitol for the moment and not the Communist Manifesto.
Also boning up on French revolution and its impacts.
I'll add it to the list but I wonder at the idea of it's tried and failed, no need to discuss it further. Excuse my skepticism but I take nothing for granted when it comes to political or economic opinions these days. It's for that reason that I have worked at Capitol. So far, to me anyway, it's a tough road to hoe but what does seep thru seems pretty accurate to circumstances of today. Labor theory, value theory and conflict theory are what I'm wrapping the brain around but, limited as I am, it does have a ring of truth in it as an explanation of and a critique for capitalism.
I'll continue to hold off on judgement of whether or not 'it's been tried and failed' is accurate or even meaningful. Failed at what? China comes to mind.As does Russia. Both suffered prolonged assaults from western capitalist regimes that capitalism did not have to endure, correct? State violence has been the common tool for smaller vassal states, proxy war and economic blockade for the larger communist states.
How long did the process of moving from the feudal system to capitalism take? Was it successful everywhere and at once? I ask because that seems to be a rationale to closing discussion on a very important alternative form of social ordering. Asking doesn't mean endorsing.