In that, Greger, I wholly agree. BTW, I also agree with your previous post, which was apparently posted while I was developing mine. I think when I disagree with chunk and others, it is not in the goal, but in the execution.

I am more of a gradualist than an iconoclast. On the slightly other hand, I do believe that certain actions are urgent enough to require direct intrusion into "the market". As examples, health care is an urgent need of the nation (there is significant debate about medical bankruptcies (WaPo, Subscription)); climate change is becoming a direct danger to both the economy and the population, and the tax malpractice of the GOP urgently needs reversal before national bankruptcy - or another depression - results.

Trump's amateurish and destructive (and grossly ignorant) international policies are likely to create an almost instantaneous economic crisis, which is already brewing beneath the surface.