Trump's amateurish and destructive (and grossly ignorant) international policies are likely to create an almost instantaneous economic crisis, which is already brewing beneath the surface.

With capitalism there is always a crisis brewing beneath the surface.
In this case another charismatic leader is trying to tilt the playing field so all the money runs to him.
World leaders and world markets(our corporate overlords) are keeping things afloat in spite of Mr. Trumps many mistakes. The last time "we" elected an idiot they managed to hold it together almost until the end. Two wars, a debt crisis and an overheated housing market coupled with the insidious greed of Wall Street proved too much in the end though. Remember when W begged us to all go out shopping to help keep his failing economy afloat?

I think I've mentioned before that, along and along, this thing is gonna come off the tracks. Winning the house may soften or prevent the crash altogether.

And I agree with your earlier assessment that Marx wasn't a very good Marxist. But in 1848 he was barely thirty years old, he didn't have the complete works of Karl Marx to refer to. They weren't, in fact, even published in his lifetime, the last wasn't published until 1941.
In his elder years he probably became a much better Marxist, working more on theory than the application of his work.

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