Homeostasis means more than stability. It means the system tends to be self-correcting. Excesses happen for a variety of reasons, and then a backlash from another part of the system corrects the excess. Usually over-corrects, but that excess is soon corrected again, etc.

In every age so far, the rich get richer. You want to do something about it? Have a French Revolution with heads rolling. Or just change the income tax structure back to Ike's model of 91% top rates. There is a lot of stuff to do when Democrats run the government again. But that just pushes the homeostatic equilibrium in that direction. It does not change it's fundamental nature.

Ignoring crime at the highest levels does attempt to break the system. The backlash is going to be very large. Keep it up and important people will die. The current Republican strategy pushes us towards the French Revolution correction.