Today the stock market removed any increases for 2018 and 2017 will be following soon. I would suggest that everybody "national debt coming due" to see what this means. Basically, we are headed for disaster. by 2020 we will be in the middle of a serious downturn in the economy I think. Its interesting, most Republican administrations can last through 2 administrations before failure happens but, it seems, our beloved leader, the donkey, will fail before his first is through. Then, of course, the tax and spend Dems will have to, yet again, bail it all out, whilst never telling anybody that the Republicans have done it yet again <sigh>.

I have said it before, and will repeat, This one is going to be a Doozy. I am also getting concerned about the US Dollar. Right now its up but, with what is going on, its also likely to flounder and we will be back to "buy gold!" (that one is starting right now and might be right).

On last repeat, do NOT try and time this market! It rarely works and, in this environment...........

I thought I would add why I keep on about people timing the market. I have a LOT of friends who do this sort of thing and they invariably screw it up and end up losing big bucks. What seems to happen is that the market is falling and the talking heads start noticing and talking about utter failure of the economy, everybody will lose everything, etc. This tends to panic. You will rarely hear something like; "What goes up will also go down and what goes down will also go up" which, for most of this stuff is a simple fact. I realize that its nerve wracking but it remains a kindova fact.

The panic always seems to hit at the bottom and so folks bail and never get back in and live with their loss. Its just painful to watch folks do that.

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