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So I know for for many, Sanders has a DelMonte sticker that makes his policy and positions a non starter but I think his take on the elections is worth reading. It's hard to deny he has started something of an awakening of class identity and progressive ideas that had been nearly eliminated from our right wing politics.

Sanders take

NO, not at all, I don't think Bernie is radioactive, I love the guy.
I just don't want to experience a repeat performance of driving with the parking brake on, that's all.

The system works how it works, and if you want to win a POTUS election, it appears that you have to pick one of the two main parties.

Bernie refuses to do so, and the two main parties do what they do, and then we wind up with another Republican in the White House all over again.

I wish to GOD Bernie would accept reality, I wish he'd accepted it years ago. We tried to do the independent thing and it failed.

Life is like that sometimes, but if you don't learn from experience, you are doomed to continue failing.
We cannot afford another heartbreak like Bernie 2016 all over again.

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