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The heartbreak was the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign. At least sanders went back to work pushing for candidates and progressive proposals.
Your loyalty for labels over ideas is amusing Jeff. It's a shame the Democratic Party wasn't loyal to anything beyond its own self interest.
Red team blue team. It doesn't matter. They are both controlled by the same owners.
With democrats like these who needs republicans?

I grant you EVERYTHING, and I already HAVE "granted you everything" on a couple of occasions in the past, as you know.
The only thing I do not grant is your perception that I ascribe loyalty to labels.
No such thing.

If I am attempting to transmit a message over a two way radio, and the frequency I am on is too crowded, but I have access to an RF linear amplifier which will boost my output power to 150 watts instead of the usual five watts, you better believe I am going to connect the red and black wires on that linear amp, install a patch cord between the output of my radio and the input of the amp, turn it on and key the microphone and throw a blanket over the frequency and get through.

You want me to believe that if I stick by principles and quietly announce that I have the right to transmit at the regulation five watts, that the hundreds of other people on the channel will just part ways, clear the channel and let me talk.
It doesn't work that way.

Tell that to the people at Palomar.

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