I couldn't disagree with you more NWP.
Obama's first act was to save banking. Buying into the neoliberal market order of saving the banks first in order to save yourselves. One look at the record of action on how he went about the crises should make it understood where he was coming from.

He was intelligent and charismatic much like Clinton and behaves like Clinton. Not an endorsement but and acknowledgement. His organization left much to be desired down ballot and left the democratic party in the a historic wipeout. "'Make america great again' is hope and change curdled."
WHen you say focus on achievable goals what you are saying is work within the narrow confines allowed under the current grift of donor money interest. THis is not anything new in american politics and change has never come from working within the forbidden city. Your talking about supporting institutional change and traditions. Those institutions are incapable of meeting the needs of most americans interests.
I will agree to put the tabasco where it's needed and likely to win. I don't look towards the entrenched institutional power to reform itself. When has it ever NWP?

Regarding Clinton salesmanship, does it ever occur to her supporters that voters just weren't buying what she was selling? Putin didn't invent racism and Bernie didn't exaggerate her in his criticisms. 250K for a half hour speech pal. It don't take a political genius to see where her loyalties were going to be. Skipping Union halls, making people pay for yard signs, the list goes on. It wasn't about her not selling her message effectively to the dirty and unwashed rural yokels. THey weren't buying and were Breaking for Sanders.

"There are liberal values in rural America, they just don't recognize them as such. (See teachers in Kentucky and Oklahoma.) They need to be taught"

Wow! Good luck with that attitude. The teachers of Kentucky and Oklahoma know what's needed. Clinton wasn't it. This might be a good time to remind anyone that the teacher's strike grew out of a traditional radical labor area of the country in West Virginia. They lead there with a populist movement and support from a populist state senator Richard Ojeda. Though he ran for a congressional seat and lost to his republican opponent, Carol Miller, he did make the largest gains in points than any other democratic congressional candidate while campaigning in the deepest red district in the country. Something to keep in mind and raises the question: "what's he selling that others aint?" Something to keep an eye on while centrist democrats run off to prostrate for money and moderate right wingers.

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