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Why do you think going left makes the party smaller?
Not what he said. What he said was, being a purist and purging moderates makes the party smaller. Additionally, you make claims that are ideological, but not supported empirically:

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Time has proven trying to go republican light has already diminished the Democratic Party.
Frankly, the last time the Democratic Party was decades dominant it promoted more leftist positions.
Diminished in size? Not true, the party has grown throughout the last 80 years. I think, my friend, you have a warped perception of the history of the Democratic party. I think that limits the ability to persuade. From an ideological perspective, the Democratic party has been moving left for decades, including during the Clinton terms. I happen to appreciate that shift.

Here's my gripe: if you don't pay attention to history, you can't understand how the Democratic party has matured over time, and how the attitudes of the populace (from which its membership draws) have affected its platform, and its ability to win in different parts of the country. Which makes your final argument not only nonsensical, but proves, explicitly, PIA's point:
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Purity my arse. If there's democrats like that Crowley pig ignoring his district, that's solid blue, primary em'. Their type should have no problem running as republicans. Heck, we got plenty of rebadged republicans that ran as Democrats in this most recent midterm. The switch shouldn't be that difficult for those scabs. Scabs gotta go.
A democrat should understand that, PIA.